19 januari 2011

Midnight Kiss

This one I've tried one time before, took pictures and everything. But I was never quite satisfied with it. Now that I've tried it again I'm still not convinced.....

The first coat is fine, but it is a bit sheer so two or three coats are needed. When I put the second coat on it looks good but I think that you should probably let the second coat be as thin as possible and put a third on. My second coat always tends to be a little bit thick so the result I got this time was dents on my thumbs even though I waited for it to dry between coats and for the last coat to dry before I put a topcoat on.

The colour on the other hand is amazing, it really looks like gold to me. The finish is a pure foil, with the metallic base and lote of sparkly glitter. Even if it didn't turn out perfekt I took some pictures....

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