4 februari 2011

Depend 206

This graphite grey colour is a shimmery frost with visible brushstrokes. In some lights I see some green in it, but my partner says it's just because I'm using my green towel as protection for the table.... I guess it's just grey, but a nice grey. I've acctuallly shown you this before with konad in Leafy Autumn.

It applies nicely and is opaque enough in one coat but to get the free edge covered this is two coats. I don't particularly like brushstrokes, but this one is okay. Today when I took the pictures I noticed small bubbles that I didn't see when I applied it and also, my thumbnail got some marks on it even though I made this last night and didn't do anything until this morning but slept.... well, I'll give you the pictures although they aren't really good.....

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