7 februari 2011

Mini Haul!

Ok, time for a mini haul again!

This time me and my friend bought some stuffand shared the shipping fee.... We bought this from a Swedish site called Välaboden and I don't have a link for it, because it just won't work on my computer!

Well, I choose to upgrade my Konad-collection since I just had 3 imageplates and one is for christmas and not really useful any other time of year! These are the plates I bought....

Top Left: m20, Top Right: S7, Bottom Left: m65, Bottom Right: m44

The S7 got to come just because my youngest stepdaughter is about to have her first Cheerleading competition and I thought it would be fun for her to have the nails to match!

I also bought the above rhinestones, also from Konad. They are round and 1,5 mm across and I got 12 different colours. I got these just because I only had clear ones that are 1,75 mm and I really think they are too big, these are just perfect!


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