15 februari 2011


Tradera is just like E-bay, except in Swedish.

My honey got me some polishes from Tradera and here they are....In the first picture is the first lot. These are the ones that where whole when they arrived.... One of them, for me unknown brand, came in pieces. In the second picture, a new bottle of the broken one, that I just happened to find at our local candy/"dollar"-store by coincident!
In the above picture is from left to right: Viva la diva - 88, Depend - 87, Pieces - Candy Dandy, Yves Rocher - 91 Noir Intense, H&M - Red Nail, Kubiss - 59. Below is Gallery Colours in 421 - Red Sparkle.

In the above picture the second lot that arrived in the mail yesterday just in time for Valentines Day!! They are from Yves Rochers line Luminelle, just 3 ml and really cute! These had a number and a name on the bottom so from left to right: 03 - Rose Reflets, 12- Or Scintillant, 07 - Ciel Blue, 05 - Mauve Captivant, 08 - Argent Étincelant, 01 - Fleur de Lune. All of these were fabulous and had really good application!

Hope all of had a great Valentines day!!

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