1 mars 2011

Colour of the month

This month it was really hard!!

I haven't thought about colour this month and I guess that although I've got a bunch of new colours in my nailpolish-collection i feel really just black and white....

Sooo, I guess this month I'll vote for grey.... As I've said before, from the start I thought black was black was black.... maybe the occasional grey and then nothing in between. Now I can see the differens between what seems to be two regular black polishes and also see the different shades of grey!

If I have to choose just one grey in my collection it has to be the 224 from Depends new Springcollection. Just a really metallic-looking silver (yes, thats grey too) that is absolutely gorgeous!

What's your favourite for this month?
Together with Depend 221 on the left and 228 om the right!

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