31 mars 2011

Depend 227

This was a really hard one to catch in a photo, but I gave it a try.....

It's a emerald green, I think, with a shimmer in it. This one is from Depends Spring Collection 2011 and is one of twelve colors for spring I've showed you earlier. The formula is like every other Depend polish, not to thick and not to runny. The brush is as always a bit hard to maneuver and if you're not fully concentrated it goes everywhere! This one a créme and dries without and streaks or brush strokes visible. I like the color because it reminds me of the spring when all the trees get their leaves and everything get their colors back!

The picture above was the most color accurate I could get..... although my skin looks a bit awkward! Before this I did a little comparison because both me and my friend thought this polish is very similar in color to Depend 54....

Index- and ringfinger is 227, the other two 54
This is what you get if you do not tweak the settings on your camera.... anyways, it shows exactly how similar they are, except that the 227 (boring namnes, I know) has the shimmer in it....

Hope you enjoyed!

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