2 mars 2011

Depend 42

This is a champagne colour in their year-round collection and it got to come home with me because I needed something new to wear at work and the store had take 3 pay for 2.... so.... here it is.... (Parden my cuticles, I had no time to mosturize before taking the picture...the sun was going away!)

One coat
Two coats
The first picture is taken after wearing it one day wit honly one coat. As you can see it leaves a VNL and is really sheer. I didn't have time for more than one coat when I painted them and left it like that.....The day after I painted another coat of polish to see if it was able to cover the VNL, but it didn't.....Not quite happy with that, but it's clearly qualified for work purposes!

The finish is a créme, although as many of the Depend polishes tend to it has visible brushstrokes. This time I skipped the topcoat just because mine causes airbubbles.....and I think this one is as good without.

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