7 april 2011

Claudia Hot Lava

Here comes the second one of my Claudia Polishes. This one is called "Hot Lava" and has the number 166.

I got a request to do a swatch of this one from Olivia after I posted the Monday nail wheel. As I saw it I was actually wearing the polish and here it comes!!

The formula was really good and it was really easy to paint with. The finish is a smooth créme that floats out and does not leave any brushmarks or streaks. It has just a normal brush and this time I had god control over it. As you probably know by now I have a hard time wearing red, unless it's glitter! Well, I think I'm changing.... this has a tad bit of shimmer in it which of course helps but also gives it a great color. I think it gets to stay on for a few days! The pictures are take in daylight on a cloudy day and would not show off the shimmer as much as I wanted it to!

Hope you enjoyed!

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