21 april 2011

Easter Eggs

Today is Maundy Thursday. When I had the Lumene "Get Color" on I decided to try out some free hand painting.... and I think I need a lot more practice. Despite that I want to show you, you might get an idea anyway!
Above you can see my left hand and this was actually one of the best (I did ring and thumb on both hands) even if it is painted with my non-dominant hand. After I did this I realized that I needed to go get the mail.... and there it was... a small envelope with a few fimosticks and a knife to cut them with. Soooo..... I could not wait to test them!
It was not the easiest thing in the world to cut them... these are a bit too thick and yet so slim. I need to practice that as well! I hope you at  least got an idea out of this.

Hope you enjoyed!

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