5 april 2011

Gold & Pink Watermarble

My second attempt at water marbling and I wanted to show you the results.....

I found it a bit hard to do and had to figure out a way to get as close to filtered water as I could (anyone know a good way of getting filtered water in Sweden without spending a lot of money?) The polish would not spread as good as I wanted it to, but enough for me to dip my nails in. I'll show you both hands and my favorite nails.

For you who are thinking of trying this, do some research and make sure you have the supplies and a few hours to play. Your first try, or even second, will not be perfect (mine isn't) and just have fun with it!!

Top pictures are of my left hand (to the left) and my right hand. Bottom pictures are of my right thumb (left), my right ring finger (middle) and my left thumb (right). The lower pictures are my favorite outcomes of this trial. I found myself hurrying past myself and not taping my nails so I had to start over a few times.

The nails are prepped with a base coat (as always) and then Isadora Tip White to make the colors more vibrant and visible.... The two colors I used for the marbling is China Glaze Midnight Kiss and Claudia Shocking Pink.

Hope you enjoyed!

2 kommentarer:

  1. It's so cool! I need to try it out again...

  2. Do that!! You will surely get a better result for every time you try!