23 maj 2011

Brown, Golds, Yellows and Nudes

Last time for the G-wheel!

I've obviously managed to fill this wheel to.... Here we go! And yes... this is a photo from the new camera... a lot better than the old ones. Click for a closer look!

The G-wheel consists of:
1: Depend: 86
2: Depend: 124
3: Depend: 9
4: Depend: 210
5: Depend: 35
6: Depend: 192
7: MNY: 449
8: Depend: 208
9: Makeup Factory: Pearl (288)
10: China Glaze: Midnight Kiss
11: Depend: 135
12: Depend: 229
13: Depend: 230
14: Pieces: Candy Dandy
15: Depend: 224
16: Yves Rocher: Or Scintillant (12)
17: Mavala: Acid Yellow (128)
18: Lumene: Get Color  (13)
19: Pieces: Blazing Yellow
20: Depend: 42

Above a closeup of the three newest ones.... Acid Yellow, Get Color and Blazing Yellow! And as you know, these three are the result of my resent yellow addiction! I think it's over, but you never know......

You can find the G wheel on the Nail Wheel page to have a closer look.... still trying to figure out a way to make things easy for you there!!

Hope you enjoyed!

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