2 maj 2011


Well, only one new polish and I feel that this has been occurring for the last months or so. Because of that I decided not to post these weekly....I feel like I'm just repeating them over and over. So, from now on, you'll get to see them whenever I get a new polish!

But if you really want to be able to see the color I'm putting up a new page called Nailwheels, for you to take a look at the color. I'll even try to get a reference up for each polish on the My collection page.

Well, here's the last glitter wheel for now:
Wheel D:
1: China Glaze: Mistletoe Kisses
2: Depend: 45
3: Depend: 47
4: Mavala: Red Glitter
5: Gallery Colours: Red Sparkle (421)
6: Gallery Colours: Purple Sparkle (422)
7: La Femme Beauty: Sapphire
8: Claudia: Sparkling Purple (159)
The rest of the wheel is empty....

Hope you enjoyed!

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