25 maj 2011

Or Scintillant

A really nice sparkling Yves Rocher mini polish! I like these polishes, even though the brush is sooo small that even with really short nails I had to dip it at least twice.... I put on two coats and it's still really sheer... you could probably get it a little more opaque with another coat, but was satisfied like this!

The handle of these mini polishes is really small and kind of hard to maneuver and the brush is also small.... I don't have a clue about how the normal size bottles are so I'm not going to say anything. I liked this one and it will be perfect to layer over something else!!

Both of the photos above is taken in bright sunlight but with different cameras. The first one with our new camera and the bottom photo with our usual compact camera..... I really like the new camera.... it gives me brighter photos and hopefully (when I learn) I will be able to give you more color correct photos!

Hope you enjoyed!!

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