6 maj 2011


This is one of my Tradera "finds".

I thought it looked really nice in the picture and (my mistake) I did not really look enough not to realize it was a clear base. It looked like a light purple base to me. Well, I got it and I tried it..... well, not my taste.... Already on the nailwheel I saw that it was a clear base with a variety of purple glitter. The formula itself is good and very easy to apply, but I find that it has way too little glitter for me.

I chose to put it on top of a pastell lilac (Depend 222) just to show the amount of glitter in it. A couple of coats on just a plain nail would not have shown up as good. In the photos I have just one coat on.... in the wheel I probable painted 2 or 3 coats..... (I don't remember)

Well, on top of the 222 it made the base polish pop a bit, but not enough for me..... I hope you don´t mind my honest opinion on this, it's the first polish I've ever been disappointed with.....

I did not manage to get a good picture at this either.... we've had a couple of days of cloudy weather here in Sweden and I'm just waiting to see the sun again! In plain light the Sapphire looks just like small silver dots... and in bright sunlight (or artificial) the glitter ranges from turquoise to dark purple. The Depend 222 is coming up on Tuesday.....

Hope you enjoyed!

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