27 juni 2011

Blues and Greens

Well, I'll just have to show you this wheel again......

This is the start of me showing you the Depend Summer Collection and half of it was blue and green!

1: Depend: 227
2: Depend: 225
3: Yves Rocher Mini: Ciel Bleu (07)
4: OPI: Not Like the Movies
5: Sinful Colors: St Lucia Blue Sea
6: Pieces: Dolce Blue
7: Isadora: Blue Jeans (702)
8: Isadora: In the army (706)
9: Depend: 245
10: Depend: 246
11: Depend: 247
12: Depend: 249
13: Depend: 251
14: Depend: 252

Out of these ones number 14 is my absolute favorite! For the rest of the week you'll be seeing the new polishes, not necessarily from this wheel. I chose color by mood this time and I will show you the colors on the wheels as we go!

Hope you enjoyed!

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