24 juni 2011

Glitter mix

As for the last day of this week and also for midsummer festivities I want to show you some actual glitter! As I knew this glitter was very sheer, I chose to get a pink color underneath it. For that I chose Depend 87, that is a nice pink and it worked very well together with "Glitter mix" from Claudia!!

The only thing missing here is that the glitter would not show up as much as I wanted in the photos!

The glitter actually has a nice pink base (but to sheer to be on it's own) so I layered it and it came out really good. The actual glitter consists of regular small glitters as well as a bit smaller hexagonal ones. It gave a nice effect!
Next week I'm hoping to be able to start showing you the polishes that I won, and I hope that I'll get some form of creativity back to do some nail art again!

 Hope you enjoyed!

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