19 juli 2011

Bugatti Blue

Oh, yes! Blue again!!

This time from Isadora (no 78) and it is a really nice creme with a metallic shimmer in it. The photo below is outside in clody daylight....
I needed two coat of polish and it was really easy to paint with. As you can see.... I'm trying to grow my nails out now in the summer therefore they are a bit different in length.... soon enough they'll look a lot better!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. It sure is a pretty blue. Can't wait to try mine! But I feel like I've been wearing too much blue lately (if that's possible!?!) and need to try something else. My nails are the perfect length for a frensh tip design so that'll be my next project. LOL.

  2. You can NEVER wear to much blue!! ;) You'll be seeing more of this one.....