24 juli 2011


...to my blog!!

I just want to welcome all of you fantastic readers!! When I started this blog for almost a year ago I never though anyone would read..... I love coming here reading the comments and you all really makes me want to continue!

So, today I decided that you get to see a bit of me again..... As the first part of summer has passed and it's getting darker and colder again. It's still summer, but the hint of autumn is there. I'm really a tomboy so today I filled my moped up with oil and gas and headed out to a nearby forest to look for gold! When I left home the rain was falling heavily and when I arrive I was soaking wet despite a raincoat and helmet....

Well, it was all totally worth it.... I came home with gold.... aka yellow chantarelles! These are a bit hard to find and I got just enough for us to put on grilled sandwiches. And yes, I also found some wild raspberries.....

Now I'm going back to painting my nails for you to see during the week!

Hope you enjoyed!

2 kommentarer:

  1. My tomboy side kicks in every september. I go fishing for a week! Love your blog! I am a new follower! I sent you an email!

  2. Yum, yum, yum... I have not head these in so long :D