21 augusti 2011


Yesterday I had the birthday party... and I got a lot of nice presents! A couple of gift certificates, a lot of nail polishes, a necklace and some wine.

I took pictures of the nail related products to show you....

Base coat, top coat, clear polish and beaty polish

245, 228, 252, 249, 227
47, 45
190, 3, 224, 34, 40, 91
124, 35, 230
222, 222, 25, 218

31, 38, 42, 250, 206, 39
False nail x100
Rhinestones with bodyglue and top coat
The gift also included a non-acetone remover. It came from my brother-in-law and his fiance and kids (girls!)..... As you can see, it is 30 bottles in all kind of colors.... It's a shame there were only four of them I didn't already have......

Even so, this is the best birthday I've had in 30 years!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Man that is a LOT of bday polish! I love the blues and greens

  2. this is awesome of your brother to get this for you!

    shel xx