1 augusti 2011

First time tape manicure!

I made this for the Polish-aholics Anonymous Monday Mani. It was a bit of trouble because I had a really hard time choosing my colors and then to get some straight lines and crisp edges..... This is what came out!
Click the photo to enlarge
In the night (atrificial light) on top and outside in the sunlight underneath. I really like the color combo, it sticks out!! The purple glitter is Sparkling Purple from Claudia and the yellow is Acid Yellow from Mavala. I painted the accent nails yellow and the rest purple. Then I taped one accent nail at a time and painter it with the purple to create the pattern. At last I took a dotting tool and made some dots.....

Hope you enjoyed!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Very cool I like these colors together!

  2. Very neat looking! Love the colors you picked out.

  3. They look great! I always have a hard time getting my lines even and straight!