21 september 2011

Depend 253

As you know, I recently got the new Depend collection and I chose to try out one of the matte polishes. I chose number 253 and I was really surprised over the result. It was a lot easier to work with than the polishes from the previous collections, no brush marks and the finish is perfect. A coat of matte top coat made it even better. The color is a light brown with a teeny tiny hint of cold purple.

A few days later I got tired of the simple clean light brown color and decided to pimp it up a bit. For my birthday I got a packet of small rhinestones and as you know I'm really bad at using them. In this packet I found something that made me happy. Almond shaped stones in blue, orange and green. I picked out all the green ones and counted them to 10.... I wanted to do accent nails on ring finger and thumb, but ended up doing rhinestone flower on my ring fingers. It did actually go very well with the light brown! This time I topped it off with a a regular top coat and got a really nice shiny finish also!

Hope you enjoyed!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Very cute! I haven't made it to the store yet to pick up the ones I wanted from the fall collection. I might get around to it after work on saturday...I hope.

  2. Love that polish!