29 september 2011

Depend 255

Once again I chose a matte polish and I like this one because of its color!

The color is really nice teal and it dries matte. In the bottle it has a bit of shimmer to it but it does not show up when it dries. Regular application and drying time..... nothing special about that. I loved it!

Matte, shade
Matte, sun
Top coat, sun

Top coat, inside
As you can see, my middle finger is messed up. I really thought that the polish chipped, but now when I took it off I actually had to cut it..... NOT fun! As you can see, the shimmer came oout when I put a nice shinny top coat on, just like Depend 258 did.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Such a pretty color of blue--looks great with your skin tone! ♥