22 oktober 2011

Claudia Lilac Pink

As I was updating the blog and reorganizing my Helmer (to get room for new bottles) I found this and realized I haven't tried it! It is a nice purple with a little pink sheen to it. It was really easy to paint with and the formula is opaque in two normal coats. What I see now when I look at these photos is that the color in the bottle is more purple.

When I was taking these photos (day after painting) I noticed tiny bubbles on one nail so I guess it didn't like my base or top coat. Fortunately they were tiny!

Then I figured I wanted to do something for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and made these:

Hope you enjoyed!

3 kommentarer:

  1. That accent nail is so cute!

  2. very pretty, love the color

  3. Love the accent for Breast Cancer Awareness!!!!