15 november 2011

Display fan?

What is that you wonder.... well I'll show you!

I found these at e-bay when I was looking for a new way to display my collection and also for an easy way to take my swatches with me if I need to. They come in ziplock bags and I bought 2 for starters.

Each bag contains 50 "nails" and a screw to hold them together (you'll see) This is what they look like up close....
When I started the project of painting these I thought a bit about which brands to start with and my conclusion was: high-end brands, so I started with Isadora (maybe not high-end, but high enough) and then went on with OPI, Zoya, Color Club, Sinful Colors and China Glaze. All painted with 2 coats and then topcoat. I used my nice Helmer for drying space as it goes underneath my desk with a couple centimeters in between.
Every "nail" is marked with brand, number (or similar) and name (if it has one). The first is now 2/3 finished and it looks like this.....

I think that the rest of my polishes are going on these pretty soon, it fun to paint! The hard part is getting them organized looking good in the rainbow....

Well, I now hope you know what a disply fan is!

Hope you enjoyed!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love it! I need to touch them! LOL! I think I want some too... :) But I'm not sure how to organize them. In a rainbow like you or by color. Hm....they look awesome anyways. Love yah!

  2. I also love them, but not really sure if I'll keep them like this or some other way. Love yah 2!

  3. I thought about ordering some of these too. Nice.