12 januari 2012

Glitzy Purple

This is one that is not in the current line of polish. I originally found it in a "for sale" bin at my local grocery store. The other day when I was running through my untried drawer I found this amazing purple once again! It's quite dark but hold a lot of shimmer to lighten it up. It's opaque in one coat but I do two just because..... The shimmer is silver but it blend good enough with the purple not to look like silver glitter.

As I've been painting my nails and doing this blog you've almost always been looking at my left hand because it is easier to take photo of that hand (camera made for right-handed people). I'm actually left-handed but as of now I do polish-painting better (not freehand) with my right hand so taking these photos was quite a challenge. The problem is that I slammed my middle finger into the vinebox I bought and it cracked... it had a moon shape on the free edge....Not good...

Well, all my nails are going to be cut down as I got my Nail Envy this week... just to start over!

I hope you enjoyed!

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