19 januari 2012

Tip White - FAIL

As well as always when I try yo paint my nails white it fails.... unless I have an absolutely new unopened bottle of white polish! This was not an exception. I've had this bottle for a long time and it works for using as a base for layering and crackles but nothing more. The name is "Tip White" and has the number 603 by Isadora. You only get one photo....

See... it's streaky and uneven! And I'm sorry for not cleaning up.... Well, now you've seen it - anybody has a good suggestion for a white that does not behave like this after the first use??

Hope you enjoyed!

8 kommentarer:

  1. i can't wear white either for this exact reason!

  2. I've never had that problem with whites. My favorite white is Zoya Purity. Simply amazing!

  3. I usually just use a cheap white, like wet n' wild. I used it recently as a base for a mani, and the bottle definitely wasn't new. I almost left it as is, because it actually covered quite nicely.. I also hear sinful colors' white is pretty good!
    So there is an option for 1 and 2 dollars - I figure if it does end up clumping up, buying another bottle isn't the end of the world!

  4. I'd really like to be able to buy those cheap polishes... the cheapest one around here in Sweden is about 3-4 dollars if you can't find the on sale!

  5. I have the same problem with whites, but I have heard amazing things about Zoya Purity.

  6. I HATE white polish! All white polish! For this reason! The only way I can wear it now is if I put on one coat, just quickly and ignoring streaks, then let it dry completely before the second coat (and sometimes repeat with a third coat...)

  7. i happen to hate the way stark white looks on my nails, so i never use it for anything other that stamping. i use Wet n' wild white for that. What about using correction fluid? i've heard of people using that as nail polish/for french tips.....

    1. I will try thinner next time. I had it at home this time to, but didn't think of it this time. Hopefully that can make it at least a bit better!