6 januari 2012


I'm really bad at making up titles so the name of the polish has to be enough for today!

This is a really turquoise shimmering polish by Isadora (114). It is a bit sheer and in the photos I'm wearing two coats. A third coat might give you less VNL but I found two coats sufficient. It goes on without any glitches and what else can I say?? It's my favorite color!

With the first photo I put the camera setting to "enhanced blue" so it's not color correct, but its awesome!

They are all taken under a daylight bulb and I find them pretty correct in that light.

Hope you enjoyed!

1 kommentar:

  1. It is amazing how different polishes look under various lighting conditions. Your really have to take into account where you will be wearing a polish to decide what color would work best.