29 januari 2012

Week 5 - Newspaper Mani

This week it's time for the newspaper mani.... something I've been dreading! I have no idea why, but I do... I've seen some really good examples as well as some not so good. Mine is actually also not so good....but it is my first try! Sorry for being late with this, but it's still sunday....

I used Depend 38 as base. it is a really sheer white pearly polish and I thought it would do good as a base. And it was, but I would have preferred to have a more opaque color. This was something that is quite easy to do and all you really need is a newspaper, some rubbing alcohol, tweezers and a bowl....

The thumb is actually the best one! I need to try this one again... but now I'm going to look what's up for next week!!

Hope you enjoyed!

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