12 februari 2012

Week 7 - "Valentine's day" Mani

I actually painted this background on Wednesday, the stripes on Friday and the stamps yesterday... The original thought was to also have some white stamping, but after I managed all 10 in a row I left it and I like it. The base is Depend 201 that  showed you the last post. Then I made the stripes with an almost neon pink 2-way pen (with shimmer in it) and the stamp is made in Depend 5 and Konad imageplate m59.

Bottle is Depend 5

Bottle is Depend 201
I alternated the stripes to get something happening and it looked kind of funny without the stamping. I wonder what the girl in my beauty supply store thought today when she helped me... oh well... it looks nice now!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love it! :)
    I had similar one yesterday, but I was working something in the kitchen today and broke few nails (dont ask me how) and bye, bye my lovely manicure..

  2. Blev jätte sött med hjärtan. :)