19 februari 2012

Week 8 - Corset mani

I never was that good at freehand work so I thought I cheat a bit on this one... I started searching through my image plates and found BM202 from Bundle Monster. It is a great image and it would have worked perfectly, but.... black is the worst color ever to stamp in and as I'm not that experienced in stamping either I ended up with a crocked design! On top of this, it ALWAYS drags when I put top coat on! (despite efforts to not get the brush on to the nail and such) Well, I thought I'd show you anyway....

This came off right after I took the photos.... and I decided to give the classic corset mani a try....
The base is Depend 262, a matte black with shimmer. Then I painted the rest with acrylic paint. I'm not really OK with this either... as you can see in the photo, the pink acrylic cracked a bit when I put the top coat on... both with matte and shiny top coat! The one thing I'm really proud of is that I actually did manage to get the black stripes soo thin and with my non-dominant hand. Well.... I tried at least!

Hope you enjoyed my fail!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love the first attempt! it didn't look as bad as you think! I have that stamp, and used it over christmas time (gold base, red stamping). good attemps anyway!

  2. I love the color of the first attempt