21 juni 2012

2 in one go!

As I was picking out my untried Depend polishes I decided to try 2 sheer ones.... The first one looks light beige with a faint light blue shimmer. It is visible on the nail, but just in certain angels and the camera has a hard time catching it! You can see a bit of the shimmer in the first photo but othervise the look almost naked. This is Depend 129.

Since this one is almost invisible I put the next polish on top. This one is Depend 136 and it shows up more... a light light pink with shimmer and I like it! I would really recommend this if you go to a strict wedding or for work and places you can't wear really bright nail polish! You do get a VNL, but with this color it is ok....

I didn't manage to catch the sun for the last one, so I took the first two outside in daylight and the third under the daylight lamp... Worked out nice anyway!

Hope you enjoyed!

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