16 juni 2012


As I was swatching the Depend 129 a sudden urge made me take out my brand new Konadplate, the Q1 to see if it had anything appropriate... and it did!! The flash was perfect and I chose to do it in pink! (Isadora 192 Power Pink)

Because of the nailart I chose to wear my flash earrings too...  And by the way... my right middle nails is broken off now and I'm kind of trying to figure out if I'm going to cut them all or leave the rest. Any suggestions?

Hope you enjoyed!

1 kommentar:

  1. my personal obssesion would make me cut them all down to the same height...yes all 10. It really bothers me when the heights are all different, and working with my hands means short nails are better anyway.
    Good Luck!