5 juni 2012

Week 23 - Ombre Manicure

I'm more late than ever... My life has been upside down for a bit! New job with a lot of learning, a birthday party for Linda and my sister-in-law lost her son due to chronicle illness. But I''m still trying and my nails are more often painted now! This one I had to google just to make sure! Originally you are supposed to take a dark and a light polish and then mix them to get the gradient.... I made it easy and looked into my stash, picking out 5 polishes for this....just to bail out of the messy part! Here's my ombre....

Still loving blue and it matches my phone cover! From thumb to pinky: Isadora - Blue Jeans, Isadora - Bugatti Blue, Pieces - Dolce Blue, Isadora - Blue Lagoon and Isadora - Baby Blue.

Hope you enjoyed!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, sounds like you're a bit overwhelmed right now, I hope things calm down for you soon :D

    This mani turned out great >.<

  2. I did blues too.....but it all came off before I got pictures done :(

    1. Mine is coming off real soon.... I need to get something more fun on my nails right now to compensate the Swedish weather!