2 juli 2012

Comparison - Nubar vs KleanColor

I somehow managed to blurt out that a comparison would be nice of these to, so it's time to show it.... I just got Nubar 2010 a couple of weeks ago and just loves it! The KleanColor Chunky Holo Black I've had for a while but never really had an urge to try...

So, I've put together some photos for you to see the differences, and it's quite a lot! Let's start!
 Check out the bottles first of all....The Nubar is in a clear base while the KleanColor has a tinted base (red) I can also tell that Nubar has only irregular shaped flakes and that there are hexagonal "glitters" (both big and small) as well as smaller round "glitter". From what I can see there is no "flakes at all in the KleanColor bottle.... As for the smell: Both of them are pungent, but I think Nubar is a bit better... Now on to the painting...

I  did a completely black base for both of them and put Nubar on my pinky and middle finger and I got KleanColor on my ring finger and index finger. The first photo is taken after just one coat of each polish. Both does very well, although the KleanColor is a bit tacky and gooey and hard to get even. When I put the second coat on it worked out well with the look and application, the KleanColor was harder. I almost had to place the "glitters" and the coat get really thick.

I did swatch these on a nail wheel just to see the differences above a little better....
From L to R: Nubar, KleanColor, Nubar (on black), KleanColor (on black)

Now you can see the tinted red base of the KleanColor one and as you actually can see here it's rather hard to get it even.

I guess you've already managed to guess which one I love more! Nubar is the superior one and if you are considering to buy one of these, I would recommend Nubar!

Hope you enjoyed!

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