4 juli 2012

Poll - What do you want to see?

Well, the poll is closed and not many of you answered it.....but it is quite obvious that more nailart and Konad is wanted so here's what I'm gonna do!

You guys have to stand some swatching posts... I'm want to have this blog as a fun way for my family and friends to choose polish/nailart when they ask me to paint their nails.

But... I will try to make more nailart, try new methods of painting and show you some fun things. Somethimes I would like some idéas from you to... through comments or e-mails. The 2012 Nail Art Challenge is a way for me to be ably to try some new methods also, but I would need some more idéas inbetween!!

I'll let the poll be up until this post is a day old, so that you can see the results of it!

Be well!

1 kommentar:

  1. Yes, it is nice to experiment on the different aspects of nail art. Though I'm not good at all in freehand, I'm still willing in exploring it more! :)