8 juli 2012

Week 28 - Gradient Mani

This is a hard one for me... I think it really looks good on other, but mine will not come out the way I want them to! Soo, this time I only did it on my thumb and experimented a bit with some green colors. And I could consider doing this one as accent nail! I used Depend 54 as a base then for the middle layer I chose to mix Depend 225 and 207. On the top is both a bit of 207 and 221... Then I topped the whole thing off with Claudia Glistening Snow (168) to make it shimmer some more! (To bad the sun went inte hiding today)

Experiment-kit in the background!
No sun today and the rain hangs in the air.... so, a daylight photo and a buld photo for you today!

Hope you enjoyed!

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