18 juli 2012

Week 29 - "Rockstar" Mani

I had no idea whatsoever what this mani was supposed to look like and Google wasn't much help... soo I had an idea, I even tried it on a display wheel but my time never seemed to be sufficient to start a mani..... As I didn't have time to do the mani I wanted I decided to just go with the most bling-bling I could, and right now I wanted to try out OPI Extra-va-vaganza from the Burlesque Collection in 2010! This is one of the polishes I got from in my Secret Santa Carly over at Laquered Lover...

It is a jam-packed glitter polish in a clear base that works really well on it's own but I chose to put i over a copper polish to get some more color into it! And for the "Rockstar" part.... isn't bling-bling and extravaganza enough? I think it is!

Blurry one just to see the sparkle!
I really love this combo and Extra-va-vaganza is beautiful!!

Hope you enjoyed!

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