21 augusti 2012

New toys!!

I know most of you think that you should have natural nails as much as you can. This is also what I think, but I have been really curious about gel nails for a really long time and not for the opportunity to elongate my nails but for the chance to make them stronger.

As my mother-in-law met a really nice lady when they were on vacation I had the opportunity to get a small discount for a start package... I came last Thursday and here's what I got....

A big box!
Filled with fun stuff!





Instruction - not that informative

Lintfree pads and nail glue
A couple of files and two brushes, size 6 and 8.
Primer, Clear and White gel, top coat, cleanser, and cuticle oil
As I've never tried this before, not even had my nails done, it took me a while to get the hang of it... the first nail I did you can see where the tip starts and it's rather bumpy, but what the heck! I hope I can get time to practice some more to get the nails smooth and good looking!

Hope you enjoyed!

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