24 november 2012

Different lines?

As I was rummaging through my "Isadora untried" drawer for todays manicure and had put the once I was choosing from on the table I notice that two of the had the same name, but not the same number. I picked out the swatch-sticks for the two and it really is the same shade! Just wanted to show you....

One of the I bought off E-bay from the UK and the other one of Tradera here in Sweden. This is the only double I got, but I'll be looking more closely now and just not on the number...

The one in the bigger bottle is from the UK and has a regular brush and the other one is available in stores here in Sweden with the wide brush. Anyone living in the UK that can tell me if they sell the bigger bottles in stores over there or is it just older bottles that showed up on Ebay?

Anyway, my mom is about to get a new polish, I'm in no need of two bottles even though the color is pretty! Hope she likes it!

Have a nice day and I'll post todays manicure as soon as I can!

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