19 januari 2013

Depend 314

As the world outside is just white, gray and blue I wanted something with a colorpunch and I had a craving for green!!

I pulled out all my green swatchsticks from the untried batch and tried to make something of them, but I had to get the tried ones out as well... I had a hard time choosing and I tried the design on a nailwheel first in four different combos. It came out 50-50, but this was really the best one! A big thanks to Linda, who cave the good advise!

First I want to show you my base color. This is number 314 from Depend. A really nice green pastel that came out with the Summer collection of 2012, but it was quickly withdrawn due to staining. I was fast and got me one and I don't really care if it does stain now that I now it probably will... it's a really nice green!!

 The first photo is more color correct than the second who is way too cool...  As I said, green was the way to go this weekend and I did try several combinations with this green as the base. A couple too wimpy and a couple really good, but the one down below was a real winner!!

I took some striping tape and made this design... not very difficult but it calls for precision and patience! The dark green polish is China Glaze Jolly Holly from the 2011 Christmas collection. I've saved the best photo for last.... my instagram photo....
I used our chiliplant as props and the nice huge daylight lamp hanging above it was great lighting....

Hope you enjoyed!

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