3 januari 2013

New Years Mani

Just realized I never took any photos of these.... Well, here they are, 3 days later and really worn. You'll have to stand it, haha :)

I started out with a image in my head with stamping, silver and blue polish. As I tried stamping with the polishes I've chosen I abandoned the idea and just painted my nails with Blue Heaven (2043) and Silver Ice (2045) from the Depend Mirror collection, the silver one went on my thumbs and ring fingers.

As I was painting and taking my time I realized that I actually have crackle polish in the right colors... Just to get them really sparkly I took Silver Flicks (812) and Mad Blue (814) from the Isadora Grafitti Collection and put the silver one over the blue polish and vise versa for the blue one... It really sparkles!!

It feels like my energy is on it's way back and I hope I can get more time to do my nails and blog about it!

Hope you enjoyed!

1 kommentar:

  1. Wow!!! This nail color is so gorgeous! Love it! Love the color and the glitters. Not only perfect for this season but for all season.