28 januari 2013


I wanted to wear this polish for a long time and it's been sitting on my desk for weeks. From time to time I've painted my nails with it, but never got round to taking a photo before it was to late.... But this time I did!

This is Depend 310 from the Summer Collection 2012. It is a shimmer light blue, almost metallic-looking. It goes on nicely in one coat, but is perfect in two coats.  I just love it!

As I wanted a twist and something more that just a plain color I decided that I wanted Blind Date (195) by KleanColor on top.... That was harder than I expected. It is a clear polish with star glitter in it. I ended up with just one star on each nail because every other time the brush had no stars on it and  it was more time consuming to try and get several stars out of the bottle! Not that good, but at least something else. I really think this is coming off real soon anyway, I didn't like it all that much with the stars.

Hope you enjoyed!

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