5 mars 2013

Viva La Diva

This is one of the polishes I received in a package my hubbie bought for me on Tradera in the beginning of 2011, read about it here!

The brand is easy available here in Sweden but I only got this one, a ridge filler and a matte top coat. Non of the colors have caught my eye so far and the package above really didn't appeal to me when I got it either because of the color scheme. But now I've come round testing it!

It carries the number 88 and no name. It is a deep red, almost burgundy with a nice pink/purple shimmer. It went on nicely and it only needed two coats. Here are the pics....

The last one i a bit blurry, but you can see the shimmer in it! I really liked the color and think I will be wearing it again some day!

Hope you enjoyed!

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