2 juni 2013

P!nk concert!

Last weekend me and my friends (including my hubbie) went to Stockholm and The Ericsson Globe Arena to see P!nk. It was really awesome and I had the nails to match!

I pulled out all my pink swatchsticks and chose and old polish by Isadora that the recently made available again. This is Power Pink (192) and I wanted something more than just a plain color so I decided to take out my Bundle Monster plates and play. This time my choice fell on a nice spiderweb from the BM13 and I stamped with Gothic Black (191) also by Isadora. On top as my topcoat I put Glistening Snow (168) by Claudia to make my nails sparkle!

For once I must have made something right because this manicure just started chipping yesterday and I had to take it off. That makes a whole week wearing this one!

Hope you enjoyed!

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