18 juli 2013

Teal of Fortune

A wonderful blue polish!

I bought this one and a few other a long time ago and I have swatched them, but never came 'round to trying the on for real. One of the things that also made me a bit hesitant about this one is the brush.
 It's really big and "fluffy" and it was really hard to paint with it. As you can see in some of the photos I did mess up on a couple of occations and didn't quite have the time to correct it before taking the photos....

At the top you can see what the brush looks like. The next two photos are taken with a cloudy sky on our way to a birthdayparty and the last two photos are taken the day after in direct sunlight. I actually think that the polish has a green tint to it in real life, but it was really hard to get that on camera.

About the formula I used two coats and as you can see I got VNL. It's not that bad, but I did consider a third one. The brush made the polish go on uneven, but the formula made up for that and it does look really good when i dries!

Hope you enjoyed!

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