16 augusti 2013

Changing address

I've been hearing all these things about Google changing things up, but I haven't been bothered and I can't seem to see anything....

However, I am changing my blog address. For those of you who want to follow me, please log in to Bloglovin (hope you get it in your language) and subscribe there! It's really easy and I hope you will continue following me. There will also be a possibility to follow me via e-mail.

You might already have been experiencing changes around here. I'm looking through my posts to straighten things up. No posts have been deleted and they are all coming with me, but I need to get some proper structure before the move!

From now until December 31st the address will be the same. From that day I will stop bloging on blogger. I really need a change and the new address will be thepolishnerd.readmyblog.org. I want to give you a head start to get used to all this!

If you type in that address now, you will end up back here, but that will change at December 31st. Then you will end up at the new blog with the right name on it! I really would like for all of you to come with me.

Hope to meet you all there!

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