18 september 2013


You guys need to get used to me ranting!

As I'm interacting my presonal blog with this one you are going to see some personal post also. Today I want to talk about a newfound love - traning!

Two months ago I decided to give my gym membership a fair chance and started going to classes and using the gym. At the same time I started pushing myself into running, something that earlier has been completely unthinkable because of my mindset and my weight. Now I can run about 2,5 mile (4 km) without any problem.

A really slow jog to start with, almost at the pace where you can walk instead! This made me realize that I can do it. I'll take you along for the ride and I'm planning to enter a race next fall...

This is a photo I took on the go last saturday. Me and my boyfriend had been slacking, doing almost nothing all day. In the evening we felt that we needed to move our asses and went on a 15,5 mile (25 km) bikeride! Really lovely weather and we felt a lot better after!

See you soon!

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