17 oktober 2013


Oh, yes!

Every single day.....

As I've put a end date to this "no-sugar" thing, I'm starting to crave it... just simple things like a piece of chocolate or some icecream. I'm still going strong and I know that I will succed!

The most hard part is at work, when the phone is not ringing and I have nothing to do... time slows down and my mind wonders off into food land...We also have a cafeteria at the lobby where you can get both food and candy. It's really easy to just go down the elevator and buy some on your break.

One of my solutions is to have something else to snack on when I have a break. For now it's a mini Babybel cheese and it's enough to keep me from eating something else. I've already managed to survive Cinnamon Bun Day at the start of this month. Our lunchroom smelled like cinnamon buns all day!

My biggest craving is candy, what's yours?

Hope you enjoyed!

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