24 oktober 2013

Depend 6000

Just to keep the summer present for just a while longer I decided to present the Magnetic Collection from Depend that came out in summer of 2012. Earlier you've seen 6001, 6005 and 6011. Now the others will follow starting off with no 6000. This was before Depend started to name their special polishes.

This one has a green base and when you pus the magnet on it you get nice stripes and a green shimmer!

I played a bit with the magnet on this one, but then decided that horizontal lines gives the best result! Can you see that shimmer? It's gorgeous!

About the formula it's a bit sheer, as you can see my nail through the polish. I put one thin coat on and let it dry, the another coat and the magnet. You really should have two thin coats dry before you use the magent on the third coat. It will give a better result.

Hope you enjoyed!

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