9 oktober 2013

Feeling great!

Just about to hit the sack, but wanted to say hi first!

I've just been hanging around, going to work when my boss calls me and trying to exercise as much as I can! About a week in to Shayloss, I've lost app. 3 lb (1,5 kg) and I my body is changing. Today I ran 2,8 miles in 40 minutes, which is fast for me. I'll be trying to be able to go 5K in less than 30 minutes but it will be hard work.

I also have managed to stay off all kind of candy and my weekend went great without having a glass of wine for dinner! Even dinner at my father-in-law where dessert was offered I made it! The cravings are almost gone but I can feel the side effects like tiredness and runny nose, but I'm not giving in yet!

Today I'm going to bed satisfied with today's training and looking forward to some rest. What have you done today that made you satiesfied with yourself?

My dinner "wine" (sparkling water in wild strawberry/lime)
Hope you enjoyed!

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